Smart Goals for Term One !!

Today in literacy class we spoke about what our smart goals would be for term one and what we would like to achieve this term.

Here are my smart goals for term one:

1. I will read at least 3 graphic novels before the end of term one.

2. I want to stop and understand the words in my vocabulary from all the books I’ll be reading this term. 

3. I also want to Participate in all of my reading discussions.

So there you have it ! These are my smart goals for term one and I Know I’ll be able to achieve  them by the end of this term. I can do this by having an I can attitude towards my work, and can’t wait to give you all an update on whether I have completed these goals or still need to work on them! I hope you enjoyed looking at my smart goals and hope you leave a positive comment on my blog and my classmates blogs! Please go check them out and comment down below your smart goals for term one!!


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