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Who is Aroha? – Immersion rotation

TASK DESCRIPTION – Last week on Friday me and my team did a immersion rotation. Immersion rotation is where you move classes and learn about different things. Me and my friend (Tumoe) helped each other to do this task. You can visit her blog to see her work and I hope you enjoyed!  BYE! X

MOTAT Thank you Letter.


My name is Eleni and I’m a student in room 7 at Pt England school. I’m a year 6 and wanted to say thank you for helping us and making sure that we all stayed together.

My favourite part was when we Coded Mbots to fight with each other. I liked it because we worked together and helped each other out.

Something else I enjoyed at MOTAT was the Tram because It was giving 70s vibes and looked so Vintage and aesthetic.

I am thankful for your help because you helped me and my group stick together and not get lost.