Revolting Rhymes: Respond to text


Hey Guyssss !!!

Here is my revolting rhymes respond to text. I had to react to Mr Wiseman’s audios reading the book and giving feedback about his enthusiasm, volume, pace, etc. After I rated them,then I was assigned to record my own audiobook about one of the rhymes and had to be enthusiastic, have good pace, make sure my expressions were on point and lastly made sure I was smooth whilst reading! I HOPE YOU ENJOYEDD !! Please leave a positive comment on my blog and go check out my classmates blogs!


Extension Project: NZ Timeline



Hello everyonee !!!

In extension me and my classmates were learning about the NZ timeline. It was very interesting to learn knowing that I didn’t know half of these things. My NZ timeline is stating back to 250 MILLION YEARS AGO??? Thats a long time !! I wasn’t even alive LOL. My favourite bit of the timeline is from 950 – 1150 the first polynesian settlers arrived in NZ. MY PEOPLEEE !!! Anyway, I HOPE YOU ENJOYEDDD !!! This was really fun to do so I hope you are as interested as I was. Please leave a positive comment on my blog and check out my classmates blogs.


Immersion Assembly: Term 2

Good Morning everyone!!! 

Today we had an immersion assembly. At Pt England School (My school) to get us going for the new term we always have an immersion assembly to kick start the term. When we have these immersion assemblies the teachers prepare either a play or a movie to tell us what we’re doing for the term. The theme for this term is ‘Transformers’ which basically talks about drama or uses expressions. In team five we’ll be learning about different aspects of stage drama – monologue, dialogue, acting out different character traits, and stage directions. Most of those things I talked about fall under art and drama in the New Zealand Curriculum. Please check out my classmates blogs and leave a positive comment!!


Smart Goals for Term One !!

Today in literacy class we spoke about what our smart goals would be for term one and what we would like to achieve this term.

Here are my smart goals for term one:

1. I will read at least 3 graphic novels before the end of term one.

2. I want to stop and understand the words in my vocabulary from all the books I’ll be reading this term. 

3. I also want to Participate in all of my reading discussions.

So there you have it ! These are my smart goals for term one and I Know I’ll be able to achieve  them by the end of this term. I can do this by having an I can attitude towards my work, and can’t wait to give you all an update on whether I have completed these goals or still need to work on them! I hope you enjoyed looking at my smart goals and hope you leave a positive comment on my blog and my classmates blogs! Please go check them out and comment down below your smart goals for term one!!


Book Trailer (One Friday Morning)


Today in literacy class I was just finishing off my work from last week. This is my book trailer about a book called One Friday Morning and talks about how Nancey Lee was discriminated and revived racism because she was colored.   I have made a video talking about the book and have explained a little bit about it and I…HOPE YOU ENJOYYYY !! Please check out my classmates blogs and also leave them positive comments!! 

Statistical Investigation – Column chart 1


Today in maths class we did a statistical Investigation. We had to come up with one question to ask the other kids in our class and tally all their answers up. My question to everyone was What’s your favourite subject? My subjects that I chose for everyone to pick from was writing, reading, maths, and lunch. I went around asked everyone and ended up making a bar graph. I also analysed and made a conclusion! I found out that most of the kids in class liked Maths better!! Anyways, please go onto my other classmates blogs and also leave them a positive comment!


My finished Extension project !!


This is my finally finished UFO project! My project is all about my UFO design and how it will work, pros and cons about it, how it will benefit us, and whats the problem it’ll cause if it was made. In this project it’ll also say how it works and what powers it. I also have pictures of it and different angles of how they work and look. I had SO much fun doing this project and I hope you really like it!!!