MOTAT Thank you Letter.


My name is Eleni and I’m a student in room 7 at Pt England school. I’m a year 6 and wanted to say thank you for helping us and making sure that we all stayed together.

My favourite part was when we Coded Mbots to fight with each other. I liked it because we worked together and helped each other out.

Something else I enjoyed at MOTAT was the Tram because It was giving 70s vibes and looked so Vintage and aesthetic.

I am thankful for your help because you helped me and my group stick together and not get lost.

Response to text about: Navigation


Highlight the correct answer, or type in what you think is correct.


  1. The technique of looking for and locating objects on the shore to navigate is called?


  1. a) Navigation 
  2. b) Dead Reckoning
  3. c) Piloting
  4. d) Lighthouses


2.What is dead reckoning


  1. a) Using objects on the shore to navigate        
  2. b) Recording how far you have travelled in each direction based on a fixed point
  3. c) Using the stars and Sun to decide which way to go
  4. d) Making dead people decide which way to go


  1. Using the Sun, Moon, and stars to navigate is called?


  1. a) Celestial movement b) Global Positioning System
  2. c) Celestial Navigation d) none of the above


  1. Explain, in your own words, how you think GPS (Global Positioning Systems) work.


I think it works by knowing North, South, East and West.

  1. True or False: Submarines use high frequency radiation to navigate underwater.


  1. a) True b) False


  1. What are the people outside of an aircraft who help navigate planes called?


  1. a) Pilots b) Navigators
  2. c) Air Traffic Controllers d) Playstation Controllers


celestial It means pertaining to the sky or outer space. “Navigators sometimes use celestial navigation” 
global It means world wide. “ They ship global”
compass It means a device that tells you directions. “We use a compass to find our way”


  1. Explain: Birds were released by navigators from ships to find land, but how else, do you think, navigators could use wild birds to find land?

I think When they were still finding their home and they were just surrounded by water when they saw a wild  bird flying they must have thought that’s a land bird so they followed the bird and then they found their new home. 




TASK DESCRIPTION- Today I learnt about navigation and Directions. Hope you like it.

Response to Text about : Video Games

Video Games

Highlight the correct answer, or type in what you think is correct.


  1. What is the name of a specialised device used to play a video game at home?


  1. a) PC 
  2. b) Controller
  3. c) Console
  4. d) Video Game


  1. What is the best selling video game console of all time? 


  1. a) Xbox       b) Nintendo 64
  2. c) Playstation 2     d) Playstation 5


  1. Console games which have been recreated so they can be played on PCs are called?


  1. a) Emulsions           b) Emulators
  2. c) Transistors d) Emotional Damage


  1. What are the two reasons people like to play old games on their PC?


To go back to their childhood and remember all the fun they had.

Or they just wanted to see what the hype was all about.


  1. True or False: Video games used to come on cartridges.


  1. a) True b) False


manufacturer It means the people or a company make good things to sell. This console has a good manufacturer.
download It means when you move information from a device to another. “I’m going to download this song”
designed It means to create something new. “Shoes are designed to wear on your feet not on your forehead.”


  1. Explain: Do you think video games are good for kids? Explain why,or why not.


Yes,I think that games are good for kids because they can have a fun time and maybe learn something new.

Response to text about: Computers (Part Two)

Computers Pt. 2

Highlight the correct answer, or type in what you think is correct.


  1. What is the name of the inventor of the first computer?


  1. a) Charlie Babbage 
  2. b) Charles Cabbage
  3. c) Charlie Cabbage
  4. d) Charles Babbage


  1. In the first electronic computers, what were the electronic switching devices called? 


  1. a) Vacuum Cleaners        b) Transistors
  2. c) Vacuum Tubes     d) Microprocessors


  1. What is the language of 1s and 0s that computers are able to understand called?


  1. a) English           b) Javascript
  2. c) Binary Code d) None of the above


  1. Rearrange the letters of DOG in binary code to read GOD? Put the Binary Code below


01100111(G)  01101111(O)  01100100(D)


  1. True or False: The first electronic computers cost millions of dollars.


  1. a) True b) False


  1. Which piece of hardware made personal computers possible, and more affordable in the 1960s?


  1. a) CPUs  b) Transistors
  2. c) Vacuum Tubes  d) Motherboards


mechanical It means it’s operated by a machine or machinery.  “The Flight was delayed due to Mechanical issues.”
complex It means when its consisting of many different and connected parts “The hotel was very complex”
coding It means when you tell the computer to do something because it doesn’t have a brain. “Me and my friends did coding yesterday”


  1. Explain: What do you think computers of the future will be like? What will be different from our computers now?

I think that they would be holographic and store more data than the normal computer.



TASK DESCRIPTION- This is computers pt.2. You might know the computers pt.1 it is just the same  but its just talking about the coding and much more! Hope you like it! 


Response to text about: Computers.

Computers Pt. 1

Highlight the correct answer, or type in what you think is correct.


  1. What is the huge network that connects computers around the world called?


  1. a) Google 
  2. b) Intranet
  3. c) Internet
  4. d) Bitcoin


  1. What is “hardware”? 


  1. a) The physical parts of a computer  b) A new game from Activision
  2. c) The programs used to run a computer       d) None of the above


  1. Which piece of hardware works as the computer’s “brain”?


  1. a) Hard Drive           b) Modem
  2. c) Microprocessor d) Keyboard & Mouse


  1. What are some examples of output devices?


Monitor, Speaker, Headphones and Projector.


  1. True or False: There is a computer in your family car.


  1. a) True b) False


  1. Which devices, starting with the letter A, are used to send signals without wires?


  1. a) Apple b) Antennae
  2. c) Aristocrats d) Applications


network An intersecting horizontal and vertical line.  “Oh no, the Network is not working.”
software It means when information is used by a computer. “I’ll show you how to load the software”
data Information. “We use vodafone DATA”


  1. Explain: What do you think life would be like with no computers?

Life would be weird and cool at the same time. Life would be hard for the people who work and they would have to use paper. But it will also be good because all of the new generation won’t be on the computers anymore and then they could play outside!




TASK DESCRIPTION-  This week we learn’t about computers. We learn’t  about  how they work and function. Hope you enjoy Computer’s Pt.1